Top 10 Trendy Tropic Picks!

tropical faves


It may still be January but it’s practically spring in my mind which means TONS of cute tropical decor! If you’re anything like me and gravitate towards ‘beachy’, neutral and fresh looking pieces this may help you out! In this blog post we’re talking all about my (reasonably priced) faves! (If you want to shop, all items are linked below!)

1. wicker pendant light


First off, these are sooo unique. It’s often easy to style an entire room and forget to look up. BUT, light fixtures are sooo important because they lift the eyes and brighten a space. A statement piece like this one really completes a room. This pendant light is just one of many styles I’ve come across and reasonably priced at $150. I’d personally style it above a breakfast table or medium-sized round dining table.

2. hanging wall macrame


Out of everything in this list, I’d say macrame is the easiest to style with ANY existing decor. Macrame pieces are another perfect way to add texture and depth to a wall without it being over-kill. I personally have this piece in my living room and placed it between a window and corner wall. I placed it here to help elongate the wall and draw attention more vertically. However, I think this piece would also look great on a gallery wall mixed in with other wall art and framed photos.

3. framed leaf art


Do you enjoy the simple things? You can’t go wrong with this clean cut framed print from tjmaxx. YES, tjmaxx! Although it’s simple, I thought this piece looked pricier than just 25 bucks! Hang this with a mixture of smaller and larger framed art of flowers, ocean scenery and family photos and BOOM! You got yourself a personalized gallery wall.

4. faux fiddle leaf plant


Get yourself a plant ladies and gentleman. If you hate watering and/or can keep everything BUT a plant alive… get a fake one! Honesty, they look good all year long, stay the same perfect size and you can plop it down and forget about it. This faux fiddle leaf is a great option for a corner next to a lounge chair or anywhere you find there to be wasted space.

5. two-tone wood cabinet

tjx (2)

You should have at least one multi-purpose cabinet in your household (if you have the space for it). You can style this piece in many different ways for example, as a front entryway table to place keys, mail and heading out the door accessories, in a dining room with stacks of books, flowers and photos on top. You can also place it along a wall in a living room to store kids toys or use it as a guest bedroom chest of drawers. Just like quality clothing, it’s always a win/win when your furniture pieces are functional, affordable and versatile!

6. ombré ceramic vase


Are you afraid of using color? (I sometimes am) which is why I like to test things out in a small batch before going crazy with a can of paint. Vases are normally pretty affordable and an easy way to get creative. I style mine with different sized objects to create a unique “oh I just threw this all together” type of look. These also come in handy when you receive fresh flowers and want to put them on display! Go ahead and get vase crazy!

7. faux monstera leaves

tjx (3)

If you don’t have the space for a floor plant, try some tabletop greenery. Again, it doesn’t have to be real– we can totally fake it! Having plants inside the home really brings life to the space. It adds color and can sometimes camouflage clutter but most importantly it looks like you went the extra mile!

8. Printed Pillows

#TREATYOSELF to some trendy and cute pillows! These cases are from and come in many different patterns and styles. The best part about pillowcases is the ability to wash them and keep it looking fresh and clean. You can also change them out with the seasons and store them easily without living in a pillow junkyard. I absolutely love these and want to put them on every chair, couch and bed I own 🙂 #excessive

9.Mixed Wool Rug


Growing up with carpet I never found a need for an area rug, until I saw rug on carpet done right! Rugs serve a purpose in defining space. They can turn a large room into 3 different living spaces just by sectioning off which area is for dining, living and seating. Rugs are great for adding a pop of color or completing a space. I like this neutral one with a subtle design because it can match just about any flooring type you may have.

10. leather pouf


These poufs are stylish! If you’re tight on space but want extra seating in a living area these are perrrfect! Normally they come in many different styles, but this leather one seemed most attractive for it’s easy to clean surface and unique vibe!

So go get stylin’!

That’s a wrap on my favorite tropical decor picks! Thanks so much for scrolling through! If you enjoyed this blog post please leave me a comment! If you have any questions or suggestions i’d looove to hear from you!

Until next time, xo, Tay



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